20 definitions by Wodderwick

When Granny Goonies cobwebs get wet because she saw a picture of KD Lang lookalike and K-Pop star, Jung Kook.
Damn, Goons cobwebs are dripping. K-Pop Granny goes wild!
by Wodderwick January 2, 2023
A drunken Irish carpenter who used to be leeder of the IRA.
Person 1: LOL who made that wonky chest of drawers in your bedroom?
Person 2: Oh that was my Uncle AidyGraham.
Aidy Graham: Where you from?
by Wodderwick January 2, 2023
When a woman sleeps with you because you bought her lunch.
TinderDude1: Hey I bought this slut lunch and she slept with me.
TinderDude2: She must be Planetrash.
by Wodderwick December 25, 2022
When a big fat, usually gay man, with big moobs and a big mouth.
normal man: you are just all mouth and moobs
by Wodderwick January 30, 2021
One of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Hobbits.
Whoah who is that parading his 12 inch sub and stab wounds.
That's Aymos! Hobbits in a Tank Top!
by Wodderwick December 25, 2022