A fucking Scotty boi who hates teens but loves little kids
shit Mr Scott is cumming
by jerry mcaffe March 7, 2019
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A psycho bitch who likes to torture people.
Miguel: Woah Pablo, how'd you end up in a wheel chair?

Pablo: Mrs Scott!!

Miguel: Watch out, I heard she knows our dealer...
by mexicanhouseparty420 January 28, 2014
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A fucking beautiful being full of amazingness. Probably a science teacher, and a minimum 7 in cock.
Kid 1: Wow, did you hear Mr. Scott penetrated the student?
by Mr.ScottDabioly May 16, 2018
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1.(n, proper) The late wife or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
She made her passage to the great beyond on January 30th, 2006.
Was a noted civil rights activist during her life, alongside her late husband and Rosa Parks.
Mrs. Corretta Scott King was 78 when she passed.
by all the good ones were taken. December 27, 2010
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A fucking cool ass music teacher who has no chill and doesn't give a fuck about anything you do. He also plays Pokemon with one student in particular. In case you were wondering, he is now balding as of may 2017.
person 1 "Man, Mr. Scott is so fucking cool!"
person 2 "I know Kat, you say it a lot.
by I hate weaboos September 12, 2017
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