A weird pedo who always stops girls for their trousers just to look at their legs
there’s mr Phillips, hide
by sandy wandy December 12, 2019
The sussiest teacher you'll ever meet. Makes up gossip when he can't get his hands on the real stuff. He's done every imaginable thing that is possible to do, but has 16 different personalities depending on what class he's teaching.
Art Student: Hey, Have you seen Mr Phillips today?
Geo Student: Nah, he didn't teach me today because he was shipping me with all my friend friends
by someone at your school November 29, 2022
"Oh man, stay away from that Mr Phillip"
by MMMmMm May 13, 2015
a pedo who stops girls in school for their trousers for an excuse to look at their legs
by sandy wandy December 12, 2019
The best teacher in the world. She teaches math and science and is everyone's number 1 favorite teacher.
" OMG, hi Mrs. Phillips!"

" Hi we're going to have a lot of fun today"
by The "smart" one April 22, 2016