Junior the egomaniac (mistah J, junior the forbidden one, real life joker, etc)

Another way of pronouncing “mistah J” the title of junior the deadly street kid who’s mysterious nature gives him the suspicious vibes of criminally versatile albeit innocent looking.

Junior is everything yet none of it, and can be a fantastic mentor but there’s always something in return that he desires (usually)

Mr J is the real life joker boy
Mr J is a terror created by society but takes advantage of his American freedom and mental illness to exploit the corruption of society and its failed leaders


Mr J wants to trade his death for your life. No one can kill him for he was born dead. Wisest words ever muttered by possibly J himself


Mr J aka “junior Grimes
by Misfired December 12, 2021
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(n) An old pedafile that creeps on small children, a person that is still "in the closet," one who is a queerbate.
Dude, this guy who's in the Jetta, wearing that white under shirt, looks like a total Mr. Saucy J!
by lamaboy12 October 12, 2011
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Mr j is one of my schools French teachers who hit arrested for jacking off to some guy in the showers of LA Fitness
Wow he's such a mr j
by pseudonym fucking bored February 9, 2019
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