“Mr. Chow” the true Ching Chang bing of white asians. Chow is very well known for his amazing skills and ideas such as the trade marked Chow Pants advertised by KUN FAOUU CHOOPing his crotch to show its true Asian powers. He credited with arm wrestling both Xi Jingping , and Bruce Lee at the same time emerging victoriously. He truly is the sexist Asian man alive and despite his race he has a very long noodle.
Person 1: Oh daaame who is that

Person 2: Oh that. That Mr Chow
Person 1: He got a really tight ass
by Chow Fan Page December 28, 2019
A fat old lady with a point of mug stuck on her face. she works in La Salle collage in Hong Kong. Her voice is like a bus beeping and she loves NICK FUNG!!!
Mrs. Chow gave 500 marks in 300 in the exam.
by NICK NICKLODEON December 16, 2016
A term for the popular Beverly Hills restaurant, Mr. Chow, which since its opening has extended to such places as New York and London. The establishment serves high quality Chinese dishes and caters to several A-List celebrities.
"And that's just the way it be, favors, people wanna pay for me. When I'm at Mr. Chow's they waive the fee, and I don't chase money, man, money chase me." - Ma$e
by g $ mikey September 26, 2004
A Mr Chow reference to a man's very small Penis after Mr Chow from The Hangover
"Dude its a Mr Chow" or "LOL he has a Mr Chow"
by Project 9 August 14, 2011
A guy who's hung like a fruit-fly, e.g., like Mr. Chow, from the Hangover movies.
My cousin Popo's relationships always end in disaster because he's hung like Mr. Chow.
by aikiman January 16, 2012