Pronounciation: mocks
Plural: mox

1. A child, children.
2. Someone younger than the person speaking.
3. Someone acting like a child.
1. The mox are playing baseball at the park.
2. They fired him and gave his job to a mox.
3. Stop acting like a mox.
by Lyulin March 9, 2006
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Mox is mox and mox is mox
by Breadbear April 29, 2021
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An American spelling of the German expression "macht nichts" which means roughly, "it makes no difference."
Mary: "Do you want ice cream or pie for dessert?"

Joe: "Mox nix. Just surprise me."
by Lori M June 11, 2008
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When there are so many shirtless guys moshing around you and being pushed against you that it could be considered some type of sexual act.
Dude, I totally feel like I was moxing out there!
by Moshing beauty July 2, 2010
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Mom: I just cleaned so I don't want y'all to mox and gom while I’m gone.
by SpecklemyFreckle April 3, 2020
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When you completely fuck over your own teammates for no other reason other than being John Mox.
"I got fucked by the John Mox shuffle"

Tom: Wow you were playing really well, what happened?
Stan: My teammate gave me the John Mox shuffle.
by Lilpeeboy April 30, 2015
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It's a word, which can be used universially!
This is very bad for my ox-mox-moneybox!
by lisa January 14, 2005
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