The best song ever.
And no, I'm not one of those idiot emo poser fags.
"Your hands are shaking cold
Your hands are mine to hold
Speak to me
When all you've gotta keep is strong,
Move along, move along,
Like I know you do
And even when your hope is gone,
Move along, move along,
Just to make it through,
Move along" - Chorus
For once I'm glad a song is overplayed on the radio.
by Lucio Soph August 4, 2010
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one of the songs released in summer 2005. took the title of the album "Move Along" by the all american rejects. song is now on every god damn radio station in america. every poser is singing it. damn wanabe emo kids think its so fucking emo cause the one line in the chorus. fuck them. fuck panic and fall out boy hawthorne heigts. all those fucking bands that these posers now listen to and claim as their music
some kid: your hands are shaking cold, your hands are mine to hold
some other kid: dude what you singing
some kid: that new song Move along by all american rejects
me: thats not new that came out the same time dirty little secret came out. almost a god damn year ago

power 98: its the new song from all american rejects "move along"
by Oliver Closeoff May 2, 2006
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the most over-played All-AMerican Rejects song in the history of over-played songs.
Person #1: OMG!! Wat Are You Listening to??!!
Person #2: Move-Along, by The All AMerican Rejects!
Person #1: How many times have they played this on the radio today?
Person #2: I Lost Track After 55, They Even Skipped Out On Commercials Just To Play It One More Time.
Person #1: The All American Rejects Will never be the same again..
by TEENAHBANANA August 16, 2006
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A statement made my lazy South Park character Officer Barbrady. He says this every time there is a crime scene due to the fact that he is a lazy fat ass.
Stan: Holy shit dude, what just happened?

Officer Barbrady: Move along, nothing to see here

Mr. Garrison: Every time there is something in this town you just say 'move along, nothing to see here,' we want some god damn answers!
by mikexd911 August 16, 2010
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to aid or otherwise facilitate digestion and bowel movements
Coffee is well known to aid digestion, in part because it helps to "move your ducks along"
by concerned biologist October 15, 2009
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