A good band not formed by mtv
The other defininition and the person who added it are gay
by Philips November 11, 2003
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A very good band that most guys don't apperciate b/c their girlfriends are too busy drooling over the hot ass lead singer/bassist Tyson Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler and their jelous b/c there's no way in hell that someone could look as hot as these two guys. Best song by them would have to be the Cigarette Song. So all of you need to shut the hell up and take some time and really listen to them cause they're kick ass.
The All American Rejects roxers ur boxers!
by AARgeek January 22, 2004
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The best thing to happen to American music since Aerosmith. They have kickass songs like Move Along, Stab My Back, Swing Swing and Gives You Hell. And no, they do NOT sound like the Jonas Brothers.
Dude 1: Hey dude sucks becuz they say 'All Americans are Rejects'.
Dude 2: Go shove some Jonas Brothers up your ass. The all american rejects kick ass.
by bobbitylando October 19, 2008
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A Pop/Rock band originating from Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Members Nick Wheeler (Lead Guitar) and Tyson Ritter (Vocals/Bass) came from Stillwater, and recorded their first CD - Self Titled 'The All-American Rejects'- in 2002 with Tyson doing Bass and Vocals, while Nick did everything else. After a few line-up changes, they recruited Guitarist Mike Kennerty and Drummer Chris Gaylor to play with them (Both coming from Edmund, Oklahoma). Chris and Mike then became permanent members of the band. In summer 2005 The All-American Rejects released their sophomore album, Move Along. From this offering came hits such as "Dirty Little Secret", "Move Along" and "It Ends Tonight". The All-American Rejects' off and on-stage antics make them very fun people to watch and probably very fun to be around.
by Dr. Pepper Kid January 6, 2007
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A pretty good pop/rock band, not really Punk but clsoer to Indie rock, with upbeat songs and lyrics kids can nod their heads in agreement to. Good stuff if ya ask me. NEVER have they called themselves punk, don't call them "homosexual" when they wear makeup (if they do) , last I checked that was a sexuality, NOT an insult.
"Please don't play with me, my paper heart will bleed..."
"Swing swing swing from the tangles of, my heart is crushed by a former love.."
"I'll keep you my dirty little secret, don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret.."
^^All American Rejects songs
by Some Chick Named Autumn September 10, 2005
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