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Girl's that live in the mountains without men and have beer, airsoft guns, and bikes. They kill boys
Holly and bri are mountain woman. Holly is a half retarded moutain lesbo woman :D
by uhds September 26, 2010
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A robust Woman of Tyrolean Origin

Always on the look out for her Mountain Man this alpine beauty has a whole lot of love to give... and one or two schnitzels
Frau Hospiz
by RunDMG March 23, 2004
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A dirndl-clad inbred native of the high Austrian alps.
Do you think that if Claudia Schiffer eats any more, she'll become mountain woman?
by Benedict March 24, 2004
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A woman from the country mountains where they raise cows, wrestle men, and strong as an ox as well as drink anyone under the table; however, they tend to get a little rowdy while under the influence. When they get older their interactions in the city life tend to be a little naΓ―ve.
I saw a mountain woman named Heather at the Wilkes County Fair put away a jar of moonshine, wrestle an ox, two steer then mash the button; I wouldn't want to mess with her!
by Daed Man Walking 207 August 21, 2017
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