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When someone places their hand in the back pocket of their significant others' jeans as they walk beside them. Often seen at county fairs: boyfriends walking around with their hand in the opposite pocket of their girlfriend's pants.
"Did you see the rednecks over there?
"They're all rednecks. You need to be more specific."
"The one where the boy is totally giving the county fair to the girl."
by captain__obvious September 07, 2013
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The old time county fairs, that still survive (primarily in upstate new york). Cow, chicken, goat, sheep and vegetable contests, caramel apples, cotton candy, and a great big ferris wheel can all be seen. 4H sells milkshakes, there are bumper cars, rides, and good, old fashioned fun!
Betty's raspberry jam won first place at the county fair!
by Mingreyy August 07, 2005
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