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A high school in Mountain view arkansas that is the dead center of the teen sex capitol of the world. Where everyone wants to fuck everyone else and all the girls want a cock in them so bad and it is hoter then the devil's ass.And people come from miles around to get some teen ass.
Mountain view high school is hoter then the devil's ass.
by Deep blue 2012 August 11, 2010
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Mountain View High School is a school in the EMUHSD, it's not as known as RHS, or EMHS, or SEMHS, or AHS, You can actually see mountains if you are in the fields. School Starts after the bell rings at 8AM. There's alot of Hispanics here, some asian, a few of other race like Blacks, & Jews. This school isn't fun & loving like most of the common schools. When you're not paying attention you could lose a PEN, or some really valuable items. There's lack of School Spirit, barely any prep rallies, only time i hear people cheering is when we win a game, that lasts for not even half a day. well only friends of friends in the team are happy everybody else could CARELESS. People You'd See here are Jocks, Asians, wanna be Shufflers, stoners, wanna be's cholas, cool kids, fit ins, rebellious teens, skater or punks guys with long hair. girls who spray shit loads of perfume. & people who leave their trash behind after lunch. School has the wackest theme dances, ASB really lacks ideas. The Club FAME, is stupid, they make it sound all good but once you're in it, it' s pointless, doesn't help you with anything. Choir sounds like they chipmunks teaching..
Missings: Key Club, Red Cross, Swim Team, badminton, Choreo, Prep Rallies, Songs, AUDITORIUM,
Favorites; Vista, Year Book, & French Club.
Mountain View High School has "wanna be cholos" are the people who scream out EMF, and go EE.

for ex)
Teacher:"Students, take our your book"
Students: "EE, aye teacher he's from EMF"-__-
Teacher: Dawgs*// or sents kids out.

Kiis Fm came to our school only like 10 people payed attention. CARELESS

Students Not paying attention*
by Kiss It, it's the truth. January 19, 2011
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