The nipple, usually a womans. Used in slang term as an analogy for sucking a breast
"So how far have you and Jonathon gone?" said an interested friend.
She said timidly, "He sucked the mountain top."
by Pheffercorn August 06, 2007
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enthusiastically repeated after any epic story told, a large drink order, an awkward moment or hook up has occured. Also good to use in sexual situations when engaging in intercourse or other shenanigans. Also comes with a high-five.
"i just did the walk of shame home" MOUNTAIN TOP! (high five)
"can i have 3 long islands and 4 shots please?" MOUNTAIN TOP!
by OHYEAAH April 29, 2011
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When a man ejaculates and the tip of his penis is covered in seamen, thus looking like a mountain top
by Morado Matt June 18, 2010
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A hot man. Muscular and very attractive. Something you say so the person doesn't know that you're talking about them.
"The crew called 'mountain top' when the attractive customer walked into the store."
by ChelseaDudley March 29, 2015
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