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A deep rooted zit that doesn't quite come to the surface. Often is correlated with a throbbing pain.
The Mounder on my butt prevented me from sitting down.
by BigSexyJoe January 03, 2010
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People that obsessed with piling things up on a large scale. Specifically dirt or debris.
Ben: While are their so many piles of dirt on that jobsite.

Bill: Because the contractor building the road likes to move the dirt around several times before installing it. They sure are good mounders.
by JYP February 03, 2010
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When an older woman with sagging breasts forces them together in an under-sized bra to gain attain the illusion of perkiness or false cleavage. The result is a singular mound in the center of her chest while still being able to see the ill fitting bra.
Phil: Aww man. Look at that old lady's mounder.
Sam: Oh no. Well u can't motor boat that. But you can flounder a mounder.
by PhilNGood September 12, 2012
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