A person who has a motorbreath is someone who drinks so much alcohol that he could drive a car with just his breath. So motorbreath is a word that explaining how your breath smells booze.

When Metallica played this song before releasing their first album, their guitarist back then (Dave Mustaine) told about the meaning behind the song - which was about drinking and that's the way Metallica lived back in the 80's.
"Motorbreath is how I live my life!" - Metallica - Motorbreath

"Dude... how much have you been drinking?!"
"Not that much man..."
"You kidding me? You got motorbreath bro, don't try to fool me".
by Arro June 01, 2012
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a person who chain smokes cigarettes, or "feens" for them when they don't have any.
"Ole motorbreath Desmond McDonald smokes like a damn chimney!!"
by twohitTommy April 08, 2010
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A Mississauga-based thrash metal band who is on the fast track to bringing back metal and rock to the mainstream in place of the extremely untalented emo music scene featuring bands like Hedley and My Chemical Romance.
black sabbath
black label society
guns n roses

these are main influences of motorbreath
by Strap't January 01, 2007
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