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Iraq veterans who have extreme hate sex with a person with Middle Eastern descent.
by Veteran4Life March 17, 2017
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A province in Iraq where terrorists are brutally killing Iraqi Christian, especially the priests and bishops of the area.
The 2,000 Christians that have been killed.

"The insurgents realize that if they kill all the religious leaders in Mosul, then the remaining Christians will leave Iraq. The killings have been largely ignored since the start of the elections. Also American commanders do not want to ruffle the feathers of Iraqi officials now that they are in the passenger seat and only advising the Iraqi military. Though there will be some military operations in the province to curb any rises in violence; American leaders will for the most part continue to allow this to go on for the sake of political progress. My hope is that CNN will uncover these sad events and expose our lack of military protection for Iraqi Christians in Mosul.
by Las Vegas Nube March 08, 2010
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