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1) A universal word that can be a verb, noun, adjective, pronoun etc. 2) A positive or negative thing 3) It can be a compound word, or it can stand alone 4) It can be used to call someone instead of using their name 5) It can be used to describe something, or just simply to create laughter 6) There is also a mosi dance
Teach me how to mosi, teach me teach me how to mosi.
She is being such a mosi.

Good mosi morning!

Gotta do things with mosi accuracy.

She goin hard on a mosi hoe.
I love you mosi.

That's bull-mosi!
by Nicki Mimosi June 04, 2010
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A very masculine, sexy, and a classy gentleman whose walking attracts women. He is not only hot but he is also very smart. He is very unique and has great taste in life.
OMG Yassi Look at that cute guy, he is a Mosi!
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1.)When two Mose's get together, they form a Mosi, also can be refered to as a gather of Moses.

2.) The distant cousin of the fungi
"Today I borrowed some douche from moses and thenwent to finish douching out my ass out. When I returned I discovered a group of Mosi, all equally equiped with douche."
by Derek Shu December 14, 2004
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The name of an absolute retard with no sense as a human being. Mosis are the type of people that will hit you on the head with soda bottle for not knowing his birthday. STAY AWAY from Mosis at all cost as they will likely be pedophiles or sociopaths when they grow up.

Also beware, as Mosis can take down 5 buckets of Kentucky Fried chicken and mashed potatoes in one sitting.
"This kid walked in the band room yesterday with metal bells and started swinging them around. He looked like he was trying to kill me."
"Why didn't his parents name him Mosi."
by OG MUDBONE22 March 02, 2015
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A blood sucking whore who likes to drink and smoke bammer has bad taste in women mosi are they type of people who steals money from people and lick but stay away from them when u see them
by Second place February 28, 2019
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