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This word does not exist in the English language. It is a missheard version of the word hermaphrodite from the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. This interpretation is made by the narrator Scout Finch.
"....erected an absolute morphodite In that yard!"
"She said the snowman looked like a morphodite."
by Aoiro Kinomi April 06, 2010
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a word derived from hermaphrodite, describing an individual with both male and female genitals. Usually true for other organisms and extremily rare for humans, but it can be used as an offensive term against an individual.
%Horny Morphodite Eying a Stud%:Ohhhh happy dayzzz!
%Stud Looking back, discustingly%: ...
%Morphodite%: Hey, im HOrny, please stick your dick in my pussy and il stick my dick in your ass!!!
Stud: You fukin fag, just shut the fuck up and go burn in hell!
by Bubba_The_Retard November 02, 2006
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A shortened form of hermaphrodite.
(See hermaphrodite.)
Hey get of it out ya morphodite.
by Sonofagun November 14, 2004
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