To be great in all aspects, and to be able to understand things from all points of view; to be overly kind, to bear oneself by the commandment "Love thy neighboor."
"Jessica you are such the ENVY MORO type.
by Anonymous June 8, 2003
New Zealand chocolate bar with nougat and caramel covered in chocolate.
by ibmatt July 11, 2009
Used to define a person with great attitude, but at the same time very dumb, also he has a big heart. Like a dinosaur.
I called Moro when I felt sad the other night.
by Gatitafogosa12 November 24, 2021
It’s the action to travel Morocco in order to import hashish. Totally coloquial language.
Habrá que bajarse al moro.
by Rmean February 6, 2022
That guy just lost in fortnite! Must be a josh moro!
by ItzDracoPlayz January 29, 2018