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Morghan is unique, and it's not just the "H" in her name. She doesn't believe she is what others tell her she is. She's small and cute and funny. Don't try to tell her, she'll deny everything even if it's true. She'll always try to make other people happy and she ends up unhappy herself. She's very positive, even she fakes it. Morghan's downfall is that she tries too hard and always feels like she isn't enough, but she is.
That's Morghan. My best friend.
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by TheLookingGlass July 05, 2018
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A bad bitch that gets all the guys. She's the prettiest girl in the room and a heartbreaker. If she plays basketball, she's an ankle breaker and a neck breaker
joe: woah look at that morghan!
Josh: I call dibs
by ryan98 July 17, 2013
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