morg (n): 1. The Mormon Church based in Salt Lake City Utah 2. The collective membership of the Mormon Church.

Etymology: reference to the group-think mentality of members of the mormon church similar to the group-mind of the Borg Collective from Paramount's Star Trek series. Both the Borg and the Morg are collectives attempting to conquer (baptise in the case of the morg) and assimilate every culture they come in contact with.
The Morg claims that they have over 500,000 members in Chile, but a recent census revealed that only 100,000 actually consider themselves mormon.
by tanstaafl September 30, 2003
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A Morg is a commonly used word to refer to the rare species of Amazonian alien-human hybrid that came about following the incidents surrounding the Roswell incident. Strangely enough, despite the fact Morgs appeared prior to the release of the hugely successful Pokémon franchise, they closely resemble the electric type Raichu with their soft, bouncy cheeks and pointy ears. Whilst Morgs are incredibly rare in the wild, they are said to appear only to kind hearted souls due to their innocent nature. Notoriously tricky to please, Morgs reject the vast majority of food sources, opting for a diet of pasta, pizza and cheese related products. If you are ever lucky enough to encounter a Morg, be sure to treat it well because legend has it they bring extraordinary luck to the one they deem as their companion.
Holy shit, I think I just saw a Morg!
by aburstingpresence12 August 13, 2010
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Tryin' to morg some trintinkleel?
by Bevillian July 15, 2009
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An dangerously large line of cocaine generally used to by the user who is planning to change the course of the evening.

A 'gagger' or 'honker'
A 'widow-maker'
X:'Let's finish that bag before we go inside the bar'

Y: 'I don't know dude, there's a lot left'

X: 'Stop being a pussy - scratch us up a couple of Morg's'
by sumpin' fishy April 30, 2010
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The ability to enter the body of one's spirit animal as the result of ejaculation into one's tear ducts. When one morgs the eyes turn completely white, giving the appearance of a warg. Side effects of morging include, cornea crabs, a distinct burning sensation, and hearing people say, "those ain't tears".
Rhaegals Ghost got morged by Holl.
by passa March 8, 2019
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Literally the funniest person alive in earth . Makes YouTube videos and memes and will make u laugh so bloody much .
Omg have u seen morges new video she is an Icelandic legend
by Lmao_itsvagisil April 8, 2018
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From Morge and Gel. (a term derived from messing the first letters of Mel and George)
Term came about while under the influence and can be definded has many things.

1) - Morge and Gel being superhero and sidekick such as batman and robin!
2) - Morge is a Gum disease
3) - Morge is any other type of nasty sounding disease
4) - Morge is another type of beauty
1) - Man my house is on fire....dont worry Morge and Gel are here.

2) - Dentist told me i have to brush otherwise im gonna get morge.

3) - The tests came back to my doctor today, ive got Morge Disease.

4) - Man your Morgeous!
by Dave Morge June 13, 2007
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