To completely and utterly accomplish something, like a task or a competition, in an overwhelming success.
That new Morbius movie completely morbed the box office! My favorite part was when he morbed all the bad guys in that one scene!
by morbiusfan1971 April 11, 2022
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A word that can replace any adjective or prefix, referring to the hit morbius movie
"I'm Morbed to meet you"
by meme_sandwich May 7, 2022
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the action of being “Morbedstemming from the hit movie Morbius (2022)
i morbed all over jacks grandmothers
by sagsman47 April 20, 2022
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This is a verb for when Morbius gets angry and attacks you. Nobody really knows what he does when he Morbs but you don't want it to happen to you. He can morb all over you and it can be very life threatening and must seek medical attention IMMEDIETLY
"Dude what happened to you? you look terrible and about to die!'

"M-Morbius morbed all over me please help"
by Owen Berdan April 21, 2022
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To morb is a reference to the hit movie Morbius which sold 69235420 morbillion tickets in an hour.
by MorbiusLover42069 June 24, 2022
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Morb is a catchphrase and slang term that means to destroy, dominate, or win as the film character Morbius does (or is said to do by memers) in the 2022 film Morbius.
“Do not morb!”
“Fool! Morbid morbs as he pleases!”
by EvilAgent2 May 24, 2022
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A catch all phrase that can convey anything or nothing at all. The phrase can be modified to your liking. Common uses include but are not limited to: substituting for about any noun verb or adjective, replacing pauses in sentences, as an interjection (wow, gosh, dang), reference for any sexual act, greeting a friend, responding to negative criticism, etc.

Anyone who uses this term is known as a morber.
Friend 1: "I don't like how little you morb whenever we hang out."
Friend 2: "I'm sorry, I'll try to morb more frequently next time."

Friend 1: "Oh hey, haven't spoken in awhile."
Friend 2: "Oh my morb you're right, we havent. I am glad to reunite with you."

Friend 1: "Morb"
Friend 2: "Morb! Hope you're doing well."

Friend 1: "Me and my SO morbed in the bathroom stalls and we didn't get caught!"
Friend 2: Yoooo morbers! Let's morbin' go!!!

Friend 1: "What do you think about living on Mars?"
Friend 2: "Morb...... I don't know. give me a minute to morb about it."

Friend 1: "Hurry up and get in the morb before it's too late!"
Friend 2: "On my way!"
by UwUltimateDoge June 4, 2022
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