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MoparScape is a client that connects to RuneScape private servers. RuneScape private servers and everything to do with them is usually called "Mopar server". The MoparScape community is filled with 9-13 idiots with no knowledge of Java the whole community of private servers is a great lulz. Private Servers usually have retarted names created by people with no imagination heres some of the names "BloodScape" "OwnageScape" "PK Isle X" "Ownage Isle" limitless basically choosing a random word and adding "Scape" to it. Netfucks such as people who fear the Mopar because of the brainwash RuneScape communitys and Jagex put on them think that the mopar contains spyware keyloggers and other shit porn websites give to you. People sometimes release their servers for others to work on however these servers are usually crap meaning shit that anyone can do. The private server community is very protective of their crappy work they will call anyone who has replicated their work "leechers" a word every moparscapian fears to be called . Sometimes these moparscapians form development but do not know that everyone they recruit are useless shit. There is one protective bigshot who won't release it's client cause it fears TEH LEECHAZ. Sometimes servers create online forums usually free and always SMFFORFREE for their only-to-be-online-for-3-days server. Every server has an admin to watch the players. These admins will ban you on the spot and will ruin your gameplay. This is only a brief introduction into the horrors of runescape private servers.
MY!!!!! moparscape server ownage pk isle x v3 beta choob ownz scape been realeased dun leech!!!
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Moparscape is a runescape cheat server,Not known to jagex,you log on with any name and password and items appear when you type in certain codes.There is also not chat filter.There is a problem though,moparscape does not connect to normal runescape and there arent many people playing it,also most shops and doors don't work.
Yippeeeeeeeee! Im going to get rich by using moparscape!,Wait, this isn't my acount!What the? Why won't this door open,this place is deserted!
by dm,nerd January 19, 2007
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A community full of 11yo kids who think that they can be successful in like by creating a shitty Runescape private server. They don't actually know how to make the server themselves, so just leech someone elses, post shitloads of questions in the help section before searching/googling it, and then releasing it under a shitty, unthougt-of name and thinking that it is the best server ever. 99% of the community don't actually know anything about correct programming.
This is what happens on moparscape: "um hi can u plz help me add dclaw spec 2 my pi source plzzzzz rep++?"
by Ollie123, from MSCP December 24, 2010
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a private sever for runescape but has some things that make i worse than runesape:

its deserted you hardly can find other players.
has bad graphics and laggs.
the creators never fix gitches so if you attack a troll and the troll glitches.
you start out with 99 of each skill so its pretty pointless.
you can create anything you want even a phat
you cant talk to bankers or anyother npc.
it has no summoning or construction.
when you create dragon platelegs you cant pick them up
alot of items are noted when you spawn them.
it gives you the code to spawn a kalphite queen but doesnt work.doesnt have dragon claws bacause moparscape made a copy of runescape before runescape had dragon claws.noobish.
jim: im going to play moparscape
jim:wtf it has no dragon claws and has very old runescape graphics
by pseudonym: pankakes August 09, 2009
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