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The most common meaning of "moparscaper":
Someone who fails at Java and/or is a COMPLETE idiot and can't spell properly.

The other meaning:
Someone who registered on and hangs out there a lot.

Example 1:
i have a vary good laptop, and all java programs works, but when, i try and load Moparscape on my laptop. it doesnt work..!! plz, help me, i will rep++ ty!

Example 2:
Plz Check Out My Server! First 3 Gets AdminStatus And 100 Rep...! Next 5 Gets, ModStatus. PLZ TRY IT OUT!!!!!

Example 3:
Smart/Respected person: P1
Moparscaper: P2

P1 says: Shut up, P2, we didn't ask for your idiotic opinion, you moron.
P2 says: xcept im not a moron cuz its only ur opnion!!!!
P1 and other people say: GTFO
P2 says: make me!!1 ur jus hiding the truth cuz u suck!!!11!

P2 and other people then proceed to heavily flame P1 until the discussion is closed or P1 is banned/leaves.
by quinin` December 30, 2007
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