Accidental, unintentional contact between your naked arse-cheeks and another individual's naked arse-cheeks, resulting in a panicked moment of pause, sudden development of perfect posture on bolting upright, butt-hole puckering and the grunted "sorry" cough being elicited. Commonplace at such establishments as gyms or work locker rooms.
Two individuals standing side by side at neighbouring lockers.

Individual One: *turns to the right, bends over*
Individual Two: *turns to the left, bends over*

Arse-cheeks touch. Moonlanding has occured.
by traumageek May 18, 2010
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Slang for the country of Japan. Comes from the fact that their culture is so different from Western culture.
You better know some Japanese before you visit Moonland.
by Anon02 February 3, 2010
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A moonlanding is when two or more people all touch butts. Bare butts. It is a sign of affection.
Person 1- "I miss you so much!"
Person 2- "I know, I miss you too!"
Person 1- "When you get back we are in need of an emergency moonlanding."
by iloveduuuugan February 7, 2010
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a figment of ones imagination beat into the ceribral cortex by commercial airline dictators with the only reasoning of to mearly impress the russians, which back in old man times was in fact a lady
sometimes when I want to lie about the moonlanding, I say it happened.
by chizad April 14, 2004
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Something a person you think is cute says or does that is so unattractive or stupid that you realize in that single moment that there is no way you can date them or continue to date them.
"I couldn't believe what she said about Iraq. It was a total fake moonlanding."

"I thought he was cute, but making me listen to Lil' Wayne in the car was a fake moonlanding."
by spree fx October 4, 2008
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