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Multitude of meanings.

Moofle, Moofles, Moofl'd
The word origins from Diablo's (MMORPG) secret Cow lvl.
Some might claim it came from Guild Wars (MMORPG) and a guild called LC - they would be wrong.

These days commonly used as a multitude of words with a multitude of meanings. A person entering a chat can use it as "hey" or "whats up".

Whilst someone saying it randomly in chat means nothing new (the usual grind).
ex: Moofles (whats happening)

Byte me: Looking for exp. ranger.
Replysus: Moofle (who cares)
by IAL May 06, 2009
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A word to be used when you are politely annoyed and can't think of the right word to say, thus confusing other people and giving you time to think.
Berty: Ah, but you can't give Mr. Richards your coursework if you have a detention with our head. If you want I can give it to him?

Ted: No! I need to get my mobile back from him before the end of term! This is the only chance!

Berty: But if you miss this detention you will be kept in for another day to fulfill it.

Ted: ....Moofle!

Berty: ...What the fuck?
by kikumbob September 17, 2005
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A person who is overly crazy about cows and will do anything to be with them...or will do literally anything anything with them such as sucking their utters, picking the cow's nose, reaching into their anus for abnormal reasons, licking their hooves, thinking they can make cow/human babies with the fricking cow ( I'm sure you know what I mean), riding them, eating their cow patties, French kissing, singing to the cow, and sausage blanketing the cow...and many more
Person one: Woah bro look at farmer and his cow...such a Moofle
Person two: Oh yeah man he's sausage blanketing that cow so hard.
by Foxface_mcpoopy May 15, 2018
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