a mood is a way of expressing someone's feelings and emotions.
stacie was being very kind today and that showed that she was in a good mood.
by stacie October 22, 2003
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this phrase especially when used as 'you finna put me in a mood' or 'stoppppp you gonna put me in a mood' can mean you're funna make me mad or you giving me butterflies/ making me honry. it jus depends on the context
guy: shut up shorty for I come over there

girl: you better stomp you're putting before you put me in a mood
by mercylee43 February 02, 2020
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When everybody is really happy and having fun and somebody gets mad and annoyed and irritable for no reason, they are in the mood. you can call the mood police on them by imitating a siren. this will cause them to become even more angry and you can continue to call the mood police and laugh at them.
hey dude!

oh hey whats up!

nothin really.

wanna go to the mall?

nahh not really.

why not?

cuz i just dont!

but why?

cuz i just dont fucking want to ok?

are you in the mood? woooooooooooooooooooo!
by richard coswald May 04, 2010
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The mood of a book is the theme like happy , creepy and etc.
The mood of that book was horror & creepy.
by Katiexcolleen October 25, 2004
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A common phrase meaning that something is relatable.
Person 1: I fucking hate it when the teacher assigns homework over the weekend.
Person 2: That's mood.
by catdef February 10, 2019
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When something is generally moody or has a strong emotion to it.
"Did you see that drawing Jenny did? Mood."
by let'snotpleaseistg June 13, 2017
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The mood plays the most important role in decision making. You could blame the mood when you don’t want to do something. You must always consider the mood.
Timmy: “Hey Billy! Tryna go play ball today?”
Billy “ What about the mood? You know, I’m just not really in the mood.”
by poopingchicken191 December 11, 2020
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