ERW Is a Ro-Wrestling fed owned by Minion10121.
ERW is an amazing fed and you should join! ERW is the next big Ro-Wrestling fed, you should join so you can say you were their early!
Person 2: SAME BRO! IT'S SO FUN!
by "The Fiend" Jay Wyatt May 21, 2021
didn't take enough time wiping your ass after you took a shit. itchy? well, looks like it's time for an ERW. I coined this while I was a mechanic in the military. usually to busy to even wipe, so an ERW was the ticket to freshness. you could even use a friends clothing article.
by Ahab138 February 24, 2011
the sound made when someone steps on you foot in school.
(foot gets stepped on) "ERWW!"
by BahhBahh May 9, 2008
ERW Backlash will take place on May 27th at 5:30 PM EST, The 3 biggest matches are:
Kodi Kingston vs Sky Jackson vs Mikey for both the UK, and Atlantic Championship.
Montez Ford vs The Miz vs Triple Johnny vs Jimmy uso, for the ERW World championship
And the main event, Kevin Arts vs "The Fiend" Jay Wyatt
by "The Fiend" Jay Wyatt May 21, 2021
An ERW is someone that respects rights for everyone. Cis people, Trans people, POC, white people, women, men, non-binary people etc. This term has been coined so that people that actually respect equal rights can seperate themselves away from SJWs, which the idea of them was great, they are now getting too extreme. Bringing up genders in debates that are not even about them, or bringing up races in debates that are not about them either. ERWs do not do this, instead we respect everyone and believe everyone is equal.
"So you're a social justice warrior?"

"Nope! I'm an ERW (Equal Rights Warrior). I do not really like associating with those people because of their bad reputation."

"Oh, okay!"
by boopboop132223 December 22, 2020
Mikey is an ERW Superstar, Mikey is the first ever ERW Talent to hold both the UK, and Atlantic championship. Mikey has defeated people such as Kevin Arts, to Quinn Danger, to Tyler Raise, and even Drew Mcintyre! Mikey went undefeated in ERW for a while, intill ERW Survivor Series where he would lose to Demon Danger!
Mikey (ERW) is such an underrated talent!
by "The Fiend" Jay Wyatt May 21, 2021
The Miz is an ERW Talent, Miz teamed up with John Morrison to win the ERW Tag team Championships, Miz would defeat Steven Skullz to become ERW World Champion, even though the Ref was bias towards Steven, Miz won with a skull crushing finale. Miz would go on to be the longest reigning ERW World Champion in history, Miz would later lose the title, but win the Orbital Championship from Kenny Kingston, in the process retiring him. Miz was not seen after that and vacanted his title. The Miz recently returned and will be facing Montez Ford, Jimmy Uso & Triple Johnny for the ERW World championship at ERW BACKLASH!
Person 1: Bro The Miz (ERW) challenged The ERW World champ to a match!
Person 2: Sick!
by "The Fiend" Jay Wyatt May 27, 2021