HUGE specially made Super~Tough trucks that have shows. The tires are over 5' tall & the roar of the engines damn near make you deaf but it's So Awesome to attend 1 of their shows! The trucks even run over other ones!
I got to ride in the back of 1 of the Monster Trucks & it was a blast! So Fun!
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
The act of inserting four fingers clinched into a fist into a female's vagina and four fingers clinched into a fist into her anus, also known as 4x4'n
Mike drove the monster truck through jackie and ruinned the path.
by RattlesnakeRick February 4, 2010
no one:
jeremy: i dont have a monster truck so i leaving the group
by RANDOM USER 069 February 24, 2019
The cars (usually Jeeps or any other terrain ones) modified in the way that their wheels don't fit into the dashers anymore and it's somewhat like a tractor. It's an extreme kind of tuning that makes the car useless but for the fans' exhibitions.
That freak told us that he would jump over 3 cars on the parking lot with his monster truck. However, he then dispersed with a lame excuse.
by Zdenek August 20, 2004
The act of sitting on another mans balls and pushing whilst farting on another mans balls
Oh David let’s try that thing you wanted
Oh you mean * monster trucking*

Yeah let’s try that out
by Funtimefoxxxy January 12, 2021
Something larger than life, ridiculous proportion, extremely uncalled for, completely outrageous
That chicks tits are fuckin' monster truck. or Remember that chick gave us all blumpkins? That was fuckin monster truck!
by parrrty with 3 r's April 12, 2010