To make everything the same all the time, with no chance of fun or spontaneity in whatever it is you are doing. Boring and never changing.
Man this class is so monotonized i always feel like I'm gonna fall asleep!
by mersons April 10, 2010
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when a person is so fucking gay that they cant even raise their voice. they only have one tone like emma, elliot, and mr johnson. they can't use exclamation points or queston marks.
mr johnson- shit.
elliot- shit.
emma- shit
blair- SHIT!!!!!
serena- SHIT???
chace- shit, i'm hot!

as you can see, chace, blair, and serena are the only people without a monotone.
by chaces bitches November 13, 2008
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doing crazy shyt all the time, something that you might think is crazy, out of control ect...
by ajismonotonous March 4, 2012
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The slouched over, shuffling, defeated-by-life movement of a diabetes ridden glutton as they put in as little effort as possible to move from point A to point B.

Almost zombie-like in it’s sheer determination to never deviate from it’s original course.
‘Where’s Matt?’
‘He left his desk 20 minutes ago, I saw him heading into the toilets, I’d recognise that Monotone Walk anywhere’
by CF Enterprises September 1, 2018
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