n. The King of Pirates. Show some fucking respect here.
Monkey D Luffy became a pirate becuase of his admiration of "Red Haired" Shanks.
by The Penguin Incarnate October 5, 2003
A goofy, fun-loving teenage boy who has the ability to stretch any of his limbs. These powers were obtained when he ate the gum gum fruit. His goal is to achieve his dreams and become king of the pirates and go on adventures with his friends. He also has a strange affinity for meat.
I'm Monkey D Luffy, and I'm gonna become king of the pirates!!!
by jajaajja889 February 7, 2021
That guy who can kick your ass anyday when he feels like it/when he's not hungry(never)/make fun of him/make fun of his friends/pee in his eye.

Oh, and he'll become king of the pirates. Don't belive me? Go ask the 500+ people who's ass he kicked.
"Shit, I wanted to become king of the pirates, then Luffy totally just shoved a wooden board up my ass."
by Kooper113 August 29, 2004
A kid who wants to be the king of the pirates with his Nakama but also saves countries and defeats evil along the way hates being called a hero tho but loves meat and to be honest, I love meat too. He's also part ASL (Ace, Sabo, and Luffy) which is a small group of 3 kids who declared their brotherhood with sake.
A: So who is your favorite Asl brother.
B: My favorite is Monkey D Luffy.
by Swag-Anime April 15, 2021
Monkey D Luffy can be said as a undercover word for Condom.
Hey brother, do you have a Monkey D Luffy for me? (Hey brother, do you have a condom for me?)
by Deadjuice August 11, 2018
A random boy with a strawhat who wanted to be the Pirate King since he met a man with flip flops, so he got into a barrel and crossed the ocean until he met a pink haired boy. Only lives for meat, professional friendzoner.
"ILL BE THE KING OF PIRATES !!" – Monkey D. Luffy
by ig | ohmyluffy January 30, 2020
One of the world's greatest pirate who will somebody be king of the pirates was born on this day
Monkey D. Luffy: Rayleigh!
Marines: wait!
Pirates: no way!
Rayleigh: I came here to check on you but you seem to be all right or power sure has improved.

Monkey D. Luffy: Rayleigh! L'll do it. I'm going to become the king of the pirates!
by Anonymous 273947 May 5, 2020