The ice formed on or in an open freezer from humidity in the air. Commonly seen on open-top supermarket chest freezers.
Woah, thats some serious Monkey Ice in the freezer!
by phpdevguy April 27, 2008
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When two gay guys are in the shower the one on the outside (away from the water) is the ice monkey.

The male's actual penis might also be referred to as the ice monkey.

If there are 3 male's in the shower , there is more then likely 2 ice monkeys. Gay males should use a hot tub to avoid getting ice monkied
The two gay males did not share the hot water equally and poor Bruce became an ice monkey.
Bruce's penis was out of the heat too long and shrunk down to a rather embarrassing ice monkey .
by UrbanKnowsAll111 June 20, 2010
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monkey bob:insane
monkey bobic: insane some fo the time
monkey bobis:insane all of the time
by leasha January 16, 2004
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Dipping your passed out friend's penis in a bowl of ice or ice cream
We gave Matt an ice monkey last night.
by Brian Dempsey October 22, 2007
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A tower that appears in Bloons monkey city, Bloons TD6, and Bloons Adventure Time TD. The Ice monkey existed as a concept before these titles however it went with the names "ice ball" (in btd2 and btd3) and "ice tower" (in btd1, btd4, btd5, and bad battles) instead.

The tower itself has a radius of which it can attack. Its attack affects the entire radius where it freezes Bloons although it has a cap of how many Bloons it can affect.
Person 1: Hey I finally unlocked the Ice monkey
Person 2: Really? That one is great when it comes to races due to its high pierce.
by Machixius January 7, 2021
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