"Hey I just blew off 50 bucks on soap"
"You absolute Mongaloid"
by Dr drillem October 13, 2019
A naked midget that runs around the woods in the middle of the night humping peoples legs
I will never walk threw the woods again last time i did i got atacked by a mongaloid!!!
by $$$$$$$Ron July 29, 2006
A hideous female beast. Typically seen in bars or other night-life venues trolling for unsuspecting overally intoxicated men to take advantage of. They have also been know to travel in packs or herds.
How much have you had to drink tonight? I see a pack of mongaloids eyeing us from a far.
by Elyk311 October 17, 2011
A circle person. A person who was born with the genetics that made them become a semi-circular blob.
That poor mongaloid, he's just lying there, all circular and stuff.
by dipdipgoose September 11, 2007
another word for down syndrome. it was made up because people used to think downies were just Mongolians.
Bully #1: "I thought chinks were supposed to be smart"
Bully #2: "Its a mongaloid not an asian"
Dumb Mongy: "yaehh"
by 1@3$5^7*9) March 28, 2020