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An obscure sexual move in which the male grates processed cheese directly into a females vagina, and when the cheese begins to melt, the penis is inserted, and then jamed into the females mouth, or another person. Not to be confused with the Fredericton Fondue
I paid the whore 12$ and an oreo to let me do a Moncton Mocha-chino. So worth it.
by Sir Scoats April 06, 2011
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Similar to Goatse, Scroatse involves either grabbing each ball and spreading them, or actually cutting the sack and ripping it wide open, much to the Internets disgust.
My friend John perform a teabag scroatse the other day, it was horrible!

I watched this video on the internet, called scroatse.cx! I lol'ed.
by Sir Scoats March 02, 2011
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