Buildings inhabited by communities of monks.
The Blitz attacked lots of Christian monasteries
by Mb28 January 13, 2019
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"I can't believe she goes to church every other day!"
"Yeah, she's definitely a monastery."
by lovveelllyyxx3 July 7, 2009
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tik tok editor who starts random drama for no reason , tried to call out clones of them but failed , is weird
Jack - Hey you heard of monastery?
Emma - Ew i heard they tried starting drama with someone
by uthoughtuate February 17, 2022
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Only the coolest, dirtiest, bangin' club on Earth. Monastery, more commonly known as Mono, is where the filthiest of all nightclubbers spend their Thursday, Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday nights. In the dark corners of this dirty, dirty place you will find a certain, awesome breed of scum, who can commonly be found in fluro attire, singlets, hats, and covered in tattoos and immense amounts of sweat. The people in this place are often seen chewing on their own cheeks due to a high intake of illicit drugs. Mono locals are also known as the "Mono Rat". Also known for it's sick DJs and cranky sour faced bar attendants.
"OMG have you seen all the Mono Rats at the Monastery?"
"I know... the Monastery is so dirty."
by Mono Rat March 17, 2010
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Bent over a table, the female is subdued to the less frequent way of oral sex, from behind. The act of oral is not limited to any constrictive area. Monastery Style has been known to progress and take on the form of the “Dolphin”, or the initial fractions of the Dirty Sanchez; especially when alcohol is involved.
Bent over a table with her panties pulled down around her ankles, she was in full monastery position, ready to to be taken monastery style.
by Adrian Walker January 25, 2008
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on left for dead 1 & 2 when u open a door to find a lot of sleeping, sitting, or wondering zobies
me and my best friend went zombie hunting and we walked into a mexican monastery
by punkrocker jet packer April 13, 2010
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