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A girl who would seduce you, get you drunk and when you sleep she will call her mates to mug you. Next day she will play victim and search with you.
Mona Lisa
Long hair, don't care, she handle the business and don't ever tell

She know where you hide it, tell me where it's hidden
She know when you're gone, tell me when to visit, we break in your home
And take this specifics and meanwhile the bitch is on vacation with him so she don't get blamed
(Lil Wayne)
by Your sweet nightmares December 25, 2018
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1. a painting by the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci; perhaps the most well-known painting in the history of art

2. a girl whose emotions are absolutely unreadable. These girls are the hardest types to understand.
Many painters adore the Mona Lisa, da Vinci's greatest work.

My girlfriend is such a Mona Lisa. I can't ever tell whether she wants to shoot me or do me.
by J Filthy Money June 09, 2010
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A girl of unsurpassed beauty and charm who, like the work of art of her namesake, has a stamp of "do not touch."
She's positively gorgeous, but doesn't date: a regular Mona Lisa.
by iantheman September 19, 2007
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Monalisa is someone you should never judge by the way she looks. She may look nice, but in reality she doesn’t understand the meaning of that word. She gets things her ways wether you like or not. She is very hard to define sometimes I wonder if she wants to kill me or do me. She is a fighter that doesn’t like being messed with, but likes messing with you. She is a very intelligent young lady and I see high expectations for her in the future. Monalisa loves being herself around those around her. She hates it when one of her friends are feeling upset, she will do everything and anything to find the person who did this to her friend and make their life a living hell. She loves giving advice to her friends when they need it. 3 things Monalisa says a lot: boo!, Is you mad or nah, do what? I didn’t hear you. Monalisa is a beautiful, gorgeous and spontaneous young lady that you should never take advantage of, but just in case you do let’s just hope that it never happens. She has NEVER let a boy break her heart she’s always the one who breaks theirs. She’s tough in the inside and the outside. One word to describe her: there is way more words to describe her. Let’s just hope that you make it alive with her being in your life.
Monalisa is tough.
by Inspiration gurl May 14, 2018
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A pretty girl who does'nt like to smile. Usually caused by a traumatic upbringing and/or bad relationships where she was taken for granted. Because of what she's been through, she does'nt realize how truly attractive she is or does'nt consider herself attractive anymore. A prime example of damaged goods.
Guy 1: Why does'nt the cutie that works at Starbucks smile more often? A pretty girl like that should be smiling all the time.
Guy 2: She's a mona lisa, bro.
Guy 1: Well, there's definitely a special place in hell for her ex boyfriends.
by GhostHunter September 06, 2005
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A girl that always has the same facial expressions, so that people can never tell what she is really thinking or feeling.
A: That chick seems pretty nice. I don't understand her though.
B: No, man, she's a Mona Lisa, you'll never understand her.
by Notrurwords November 12, 2011
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