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Crazy Mexican band, who's debut album Donde Jugaran Las Niñas? "Where Will the Little Girls Play?" was banned in both Mexico and Spain for it's lyric attacking the Mexican government. Often compared as a Mexican version of Rage Against The Machine.
Puto doesn't make fun of Gay people it's makes fun of people who can't stand up for themselves.

Molotov's best songs:
Polkas Palabras
Step Off
Let It Roll
No Manches Mi Vada
Que no te haga bobo Jacobo
Voto Latino
Gimme Tha Power
Matate tete
Quitate que masturbas
by Will-3rd May 10, 2005
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An incendiary created by filling a bottle with oil, petrol, or bathtub napalm, and lit with a rag fuse. Used by Bolshevic rebels in the 19th century, and various insurgents since.
Molotov anyone?
by Psiberzerker April 11, 2004
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a shortened name for a molotov cocktail.
if you throw a molotov into a car, it'll burn.
by EG17 January 12, 2004
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A band of these crazy mexican motherfuckers who make fun of gay people and really want to get laid. Generally hilarious and offensive.
Dude, have you heard Molotov's song Puto? d00d, they're liek making fun of teh gays!!!1111
by Protodude September 26, 2004
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