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A ship name for complete traffic stoppers. Everyone is either attracted or drawn to these two people. Two friends that create an unstoppable force. Everyone either wants them or wants to be them.
"Woah, Olivia and Malia are definitely a Molivia."
by IconLivin December 20, 2017
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A indestructable force that can be found wondering the streets of P-DOT aimlessly. Often known to attract on coming traffic of the opposite... or same sex. known and envied for their impecable good looks and ability to make men pivot back into their homes because of their fear of public humiliation. also well known for hunting down individuals who look like 'lil wayne' or 'joe jonas'. the pair can be found listening to obscene music genres at absurd hours of the night. Some of these include abba, we the kinds, and 3OH!3. They also have a strange obsessions with young males with curly locks.

note if molivia is found walking around the red brick road with what seems to be a child with mild... or extreme mental disabilites, know its out of their love for jesus and making the world and P-DOT a better place that they acknowledge his existence.
'woah did you see molivia today walking round the red brick road bein all swaggerific and what not??'
'omg yaa... i wish i was them. **breaks down into tears**
by LittleMissBarbie April 24, 2011
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