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Or Republic of Moldova, a land between Romania and Ukraine. A very small country in Eastern Europe, that officially holds 4 million people. The country used to be part of Romania, but Romania had to give it up to Russia at the end of WW2. Unfortunately, its government is still largely lead by communists, who managed to bring its situation down to despair. Its culture is strong, a hybrid of Romanian and Russian. Official language is Romanian, or a hybrid of Romanian with Russian words, but Russian is also largely still used. Most inhabitants speak both Romanian and Russian, or even some only Russian. Ethnically, the communists took a lot of Romanians out of the country and sent them to Siberia to die, and brought in Russians and Ukrainians to occupy the land. They are mixed(slav/latin). Moldova is known for their magnificent wine and for the Bucuria factory, which make high quality candy, which has been awarded as good as Swiss chocolate. And all of it is Bio. The whole prostitution and trafficking thing, I will not start bashing on them for it, because most of those women are lied to and lured into it without their knowledge, or only told half truths, and then forced into it. Making fun of someone's drama is utterly disgusting, immature, insensitive and stupid. Not to mention retarded and ignorant. And no, it's not the MAJORITY of Moldovan women who go into prostitution! And, also, the country is blessed with many gifted people, especially artists.
Hey, what country are you going to in Eastern Europe?
I'm going to Moldova.
by GiaFox April 26, 2011

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