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An absolutly amazingly cute girl who has a wicked accent.
Doina pwns you
by wooooooohsomebody August 28, 2008
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An amazing beautiful girl who speaks her mind & once you get to take a chance to actually get to know her you won't regret it she is a very bright person with a bright future & is confident with a kind heart if you treat her right.
If you need someone to talk to Doina would be there only if you were treating her right.
by PrettyIndivisualBright May 14, 2013
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a beautiful girl, fearless, very intriguing, the type you should never lose, just marry her now
I think i found my Doina
by idoknoweverythinghahaha April 14, 2020
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Doina is that girl that ur crushing on,she s justbso pretty and stunning and u just fall for her,maybe she don’t know that u have a crush on her because u know,u don’t really give signs but if u got the chance to meet s doina MARRY HER BRUH,DON T LET HER GO
She s just si amazing and kind and she will be there for u,but don’t hurt her,all the love that she had for u will turn in hate and i think that u don’t want to her her,u will not got the change to celebrate ur next anniversary😂
so yeah FOUND A DOINA AND MARRY HER RN,SHE WILL BE THE PERFECT WIFE AND MOTHER,but if u can’t marry her,date her ok,give her attention and hug her and let her sleep in ur arms,she s just si amazing...
friend1:omg bruh this girl is so nice
friend2:she must be a Doina bruh
by ummyeah,imjustobserving October 15, 2020
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