A level of moist beyond which a standard level of moist is
Nothing gets a girl moister then doing a Christopher Walken voice
by Gr8Kermudgeon April 19, 2017
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Something dry that should've been more moist.
The muffins would've tasted better if they were moister.
by nanowin May 29, 2012
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When moist just is too moist.
Her body was too moisterous.
by Verno T December 10, 2016
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A pussy. Especially a wet, sloppy one.
After a few drinks, she invited me upstairs, where I enjoyed her moister oyster and her pearl. Its my favorite fine delicacy.
by bemadthen December 20, 2010
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moister missile= another name for your penis
Mud dick was so dry I had to whip out my moister missile And find me some vagina.
by Confuzem February 24, 2018
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