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A mohamud is a very gay boy who never does their holiday homework EVER . He is someone who would pretend to fight a boy and drop them. Then he will jump on them cuz he is gay and he got kinda horny ynow
β€œAbdallah is better than Mohamud
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He is a beautiful boy.He will love to play basketball and is really sweet.He is a sexy man that gets most of the girls.Every girl that stares at him will forever than think about him. A Mohamud is also really active,if u get him up u can’t get him back down.If u see him be kind and try to be his friend than u are on a ride of your life with Mr.MOHAMUD
Mohamud is a sexy and lovely boy
by The one the only May 02, 2018
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One of the nicest person you could ever meet. Mohamud is a real friend who is true to his family and close friends till the end. Mohamud doesn't kiss and tell, and is very loyal to the lady he loves. Mohamud loves God, he respects God and wants to share God's blessing with those who are willing to receive the blessing. Although Mohamud is a man seeking the approval of God the creator of all, don't be confused, this does not mean that he is soft and weak. It in fact means the opposite, Mohamud is smart, strong and is skilled in the art and sport of boxing. Mohamud has mastered discipline and practices it daily. If you ever meet a Mohamud don't let him go, your life will not be complete if he isn't in your circle of family and friends.
Mohamud and his girlfriend are going dancing tonight.
by TyloxUno May 29, 2018
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Mohamud is a type of guy who doesn't give a shit about almost anything,however,when he is under pressure he has to work hard.Sometimes he likes to watch ONLY ANIME like Dragon Ball Super and Naruto.He's clever at times but can be a bit of a dick
Mohamud isn't gay stfu
by llollllll12920 May 02, 2019
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A funny person that always get in trouble. And does no care is always loud. Good at a lot of sport and smart
Mohamud is so funny but smart at the same time
by Mohamud hassan May 21, 2018
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