Mohammadreza is an iranian name for beautiful boys and gentelmen. You know in all of the world when ever you see mohammadreza you can underatand that he has an important role in his country or in all of the world.
Mohammadreza is not just a simple name. Its a belief.

He doesn't show his felling about the girl who likes her. He is so proud and kind.

If anybody fell that mohmmadreza like her, She or he should show( her/his ) felling to him and show( her/his ) sense to him for catch his attention.
Mohammadreza is a man with alot of friends.
But he has just afew friends that he likes them very much.
So if you have a friend who has this name you are so lucky. And you must say thank God.
Mohammadreza is a man who likes his family.
by M.d.k2p August 17, 2018
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A person that has two names but uses them as one because he can’t decide. Very attention seeking and usually has a rug on his face, either an afghan or a Persian rug . He has a unique beretish accent that very few people can understand.
Person1: Hey, did you see that Mohammadreza?

Person2: No? All I saw was an Afghan rug mate!
by Idonotknowausername February 9, 2020
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Mohammadreza is a common name among Persian, Turkish and Afcan people. It consists of two names combined: Mohammad and Reza. They're often called "mammad" by their friends because the name is just too long, but their families and girlfriends tend to use the full version. Mohammadrezas are often good looking humorous gentlemen with good tastes in clothes and women. They are reliable friends and loving partners, so if you know a Mohammadreza I suggest you marry them before someone else does. Because Mohammadrezas are just perfect.
-Did you see how perfectly that guy's shoes and jacket match?
-Well, no wonder, cause he's a Mohammadreza.
by Helicobacter November 23, 2021
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