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Reza is super attractive, funny, cute and sweet! He can make anyone who comes across him fall in love with him and want to be his best friend. He is very adventurous and would do anything for his friends. He can come across as shy but once he gets into a long, good conversation, he could talk for days on end (maybe even a week!) :)
Reza is such an amazing, attractive guy! I wish I could date somebody like that.
by alegendaryguy June 12, 2018
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Hot and sexy, kind and unbelievably sweet. the closest definition to a Reza would be a piece of a huge delicious creamy cake. Best in giving advice, smart but not smarter than his girlfriend!!, very perseverant and super committed. If u find a true Reza, hold on to him!
Wow, he's so much of a Reza! He's awesome!
by M.Sh aka Unicorn August 17, 2018
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unbelievably sexy or sharp like a razor
1. Mmmmm that guys is soooo reza
2. In this business, you have to be reza, otherwise you wouldn't last a day
by hotboi99 February 04, 2010
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Fuckboy just plain fuckboy he doesn’t care about anything unless it’s sex
Ewww looks like you have a reza
by Depressed.girl.scars September 21, 2017
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a fan boy gay ni🅱️🅱️a fake Kanye West fan Frank Ocean fan ni🅱️🅱️a
yo 🅱️, I went to that Frank Ocean party last night and there were mad Rezas there
by Cablios November 25, 2018
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Generally a fuckboy who will give his friends to the holy Ga
Oh look, Reza is here. Begaii is coming
by Karmabish007 August 15, 2018
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