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A friends who is kind of special, or slow in the head. Usually female but can be accepted as male also.
(stupid) (retard) Pronounced: Mow-dis
Friend: Only in america do drive up ATM's have brail

Moddis: Wait, they have those all over the world, right?
Friends: You were soppoused to laugh
Moddis: They have those all over the world, RIGHT??
by Moddis<3 August 03, 2009
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Someone who is kind and loyal and who likes to have FUN! Very Tall compared to others and has a sense of humor!

Moddi is also known as someone awesome and very cool!
Someone who wears the most fashionable clothes and who always seeks fun! In many ways moddi can be very cute and intelligent!!!!

Damn she is a Moddi!
by smileys0524 September 25, 2011
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