What you feed message board trolls to provoke them.
Hungry Troll: I hate Chuck Norris
Troll Feeder: NOWAIZ! Chuck is awesum!
Former Hungry Troll: Your all idiots.
by Keraz Eguy February 05, 2010
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The nightlife phenomenon that occurs when several creeps and/or lurkers simultaneously surround a dance floor and leer at the dancing women in a disturbing fashion. A full moat occurs when the creep formation achieves a full 360 degree circle around the victims.
Entranced by the rhythmic pulses of the women's tender bodies, Steve joined the other creeps in forming a moat around the dancefloor.
by Bobby Ganouj July 09, 2009
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A pussy that is shaven but a 3 day growth is maintained on the outer lips as a means of keeping unwanted intruders out.
Did she let you go bareback?

Yo,I tried but she's got a ferocious moat. I covered up.
by DJG220 August 26, 2021
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An awesome term that rose in the 1980's that was another word for "You got told!" or "You got burned!". Truely old school people use this term.
1. Ooooooh! 'Dat boi' just got 'dem ass moated!
2. Damn, homie! You just got moated from 'dat dum' ass bitch!
by Cameron Shuck March 14, 2006
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large ring of water surrounding a castle
OR the gigantic golden toilet of a very rich man.
"holy shit, you shoulda seen that rich guys moat!"
"he got a castle?!"
"no, stupid, the TOILET"
by Gwando November 09, 2003
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Town in Co. Westmeath, Ireland. Population of about two housand, notorious bottleneck on the Dublin - Galway route
ann: Hey, where do you live?
tom: Moate
ann: That place is a traffic disaster!
tom: yeah but its a great town otherwise and we're getting bypassed!
by mcgg February 25, 2008
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Matthew Gossman - Drums
Kit Wray - Guitar
Earl Ruwell IV - Vocals
Travis LeVrier - Guitar

Started in May 2001 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL by drummer Matthew Gossman, Into the Moat started as a one-man project. Matthew recorded all the instruments for several demo tracks and showed them to friends to complete the band. Into the Moat was eventually pieced together composed of musicians between the ages 18 and 19. Once the line up was complete Into The Moat started playing countless shows working on their live performances, which can only be described as intense and powerful taking full command of the unsuspecting audience. Their style was refined in January of 2002 as then bassist Kit Wray, moved onto guitar and assumed the main song writing responsibilities. The band released one EP on Lovelost Records in May 2003, which received rave reviews from the underground and gained the attention of Metal Blade Records. "Since this band started three years ago, we have wanted nothing more than to be on Metal Blade Records. They have been around for over 20 years, and we are extremely proud to be a part of something so successful, not to mention being amongst such awesome bands. It is a great feeling to have accomplished what once seemed like an unreachable goal. With MB's help, we are going to be able to take our band much further," states Matthew

The band has definitely come a long way since their beginnings three years ago and has accomplished more on their own than most other bands that have the help and support of a label. Constantly working on live shows and fine-tuning their sound, Into The Moat have unquestionably proven themselves to be a necessity to a scene lusting for something new, bringing a redefined sense of creativity and talent to the forefronts of metal. From neck snapping blast beats and time changes to catchy and brutal break downs Into The Moat is sure to stand out among the masses of bands in the same genre.

The Design brings heavier and more complex songs from this young 5 piece that are already hitting the road to prepare for the new release. You will be able to catch the band live when they tour with label mates Winter Solstice and The Red Death, Black Market Activities artist PARIA and From A Second Story Window along with The Acacia Strain, Radiation 4, and All Shall Perish. This will not be a tour to miss as Into The Moat puts on a passionate live show that will leave you longing for more! The Design is sure to be an instant hit with any fans of Coalesce and old Dillinger Escape Plan.
by California de pirata January 24, 2006
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