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Moam: Man on a Mission

When a person is in state of both adrenaline, focus and determination, performing series of tasks consecutivlely swift or simultaneously, knowing fully well what they have to do without having to stop and think, and unaffected by either frustration, further workload, or laziness.

Similar to roaming, which is walking about without a clue, Moam is walking about fully aware of everything that needs to be done, in which specific order, and within schedule.
(1) When an office employee is running around doing prints, typing documents up for people, answering all incoming calls, entering data into the computer and further being bossed around by employer to get more things done, and he accepts willingly without hesitation and frustration, he is Moaming!

(2) Just tell me what you need done, I'm in moam mode!
by ArmarageX May 22, 2007
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M.O.A.M Stands for Monkey On A Mission
Wow that money must really want those beef-strips infused with eel farts hes a moam
by Stephen Baldwin December 12, 2004
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Word used as a noun or a verb to describe an attractive person or approaching and flirting with an attractive person.
Damn that chick is moam.

I saw you moaming her earlier.
by JBW4Real June 06, 2018
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