Best known for her charity and humanitarian work with the Big Life Foundation and One Heart Farm, Rhona Mitra is the most amazing actress and human being ever. Her career in TV and film has gained her a following which she uses to raise awareness for her global humanitarian work and genuinely make the world a better place.
Rhona Mitra is my favorite actress and such an inspiration to so many people. She's amazing!
by QueenRhonaMitra August 4, 2016
When a person shoves a penis so far up into their mouth that the tip of the penis comes out of their ears. This definition originated in Japan when a woman named Mitra completed this feat, dying afterwards, of course. Ever since then it has been known as the "Mitra Move" and no one has been able to do the move.
Dude #1-man my girlfriend shoved my dick so far up she almost did the Mitra move
Dude #2-no way, dude! is she okay?!!!
Dude #1-she's fine, just a lil woozy
by mex14 March 26, 2013
omg hes such a mitra kuberkar, why would someone date him?
by frog4lyf January 16, 2021
Mitra is a stupid fat bitch who fucks dogs for money and enjoyment.
by I am big mapp April 14, 2022
Wo Leta hai, Wo deta hai
Mitra zara mujhe dena ahhh
by Puddong September 15, 2022
A gorgeous Iranian woman with a thick peach of a bottom that everyone covets and legs for days. Her hair is long and luxurious, and her smile melts the heart of any mortal, man or woman.
Who is that ample-bottomed brunette? Oh, that's Mitra khanoom.
by Trio Lingo November 24, 2021