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Usually misspelled from 'mirin', it ironically means To Hate someone
'We be Mirrin all those ppl who drink thoses drinks'
by thebloodyaugust September 17, 2011
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Mirrin, a gorgeous girl who you can’t take your eyes off of. Also dangerous, powerful, bossy and sometimes rude. She is insecure and can easily hide her emotions, if you meet a Mirrin treat her with respect and she’ll be your friend for life.
Wow Mirrin was looking good today.

-yah but she’s like a cold air
by Cl41reMcC0ll1ck February 19, 2018
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One of the most amazing girl you could ever come across in your life. She is kind hearted, sweet and down to earth. Mirrin is an beautiful, intelligent and kind person. She is optimistic and always looks on the good side. She is friendly and likes to meet new people. Mirrin has a few best friends but is friends with everyone and people seem to like her. Mirrin is talented but is humble about it.

She is a funny person also like to laugh and is love-able. She loves animals and her favourite animal is cats but she loves all animals. She likes to go on the Internet but is still very social-able with her friends. She is very smart and always scores high on tests.
If you want a good friend, go to Mirrin.”
by Miri December 12, 2018
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