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A male nipple. The logic behind mipple is that a male breast is not called a boob but a moob, which is short for man boob. Thus a the shortened form on man nipple is mipple.
"Your mipples are showing through your shirt."
by Tis A. Terecs May 28, 2007
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Condition which causes you to place an Amazon order, then shortly after remember something else you needed and place another order.
Wow, 10 Amazon boxes showed up on my door today. My Amazheimer's must be acting up again.

Person 1: Bro, your Amazheimer's is getting out of control.
Person 2: It's OK, I have Prime.
by SamboMayhem August 01, 2020
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A protuberant seated on the breast or pecks of a male human being .
Did you see that guy's mipples?

No why?

That guy's mipples were so hard that you could see them through his shirt
by Bea Green November 20, 2007
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man nipples - especially ones which protrude through a shirt.
The existence of mipples is one of life's great mysteries.
by duckman October 02, 2003
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marvel: Haha, Poundra stop flicking my moobs and mipples, thats gay bro
by Badut August 10, 2019
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The Male Nipple.

Also refered to as moob

"Wow you have serious Mipples!"

by Lauraaawwwrr October 16, 2007
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