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A master of word wizardry and a connoisseur of linguistics. Also, a rogue black ninja of sentence constructury.
Wow he has a way with words.

Yeah, hes a total minnis.
by TheWade April 19, 2010
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Amazing person with perfect eyebrows who have a life of their own.
Wow, your eyebrows have a mind of their own, it's like they are on Minni
by The Coral Dragon April 13, 2017
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some one who smells like shit and does not brush there teeth and who smokes meth and hangs out with legler in his dirty ass basement while his mom gets fucking pounded by a kid the same age as him. with a dirty hindu mole between his eyes.
that dirts mom is getting fucked in the basement, what a minni.
im not going to that dirt minni's house and smoke crack with robins
dude you smell like a dirty fuckin minni
by newports magee March 17, 2010
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A severe ankle injury sustained during innocuous activity. Usually requires significant medical attention (e.g. surgery)
Andrew Reid did a minni playing handball at school.
by alophysio September 07, 2006
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